Network Audit

  • Comprehensively record inventory of all physical items in a site.
  • Provide accurate layout description of assets at a given location/Site.
  • Label / tag assets according to a standard methodology to enable future reference.

Currently Available Services

  • Record all assets at the node site
  • Provide accurate layout description of assets at the node site/s
  • Asses liabilities associated with the node site
  • Document a, b, and c above
  • Asset tagging as per defined systems (preferably RFID based) as a separate visit after verifying the infomation collected in the first survey

Detail Description of the available services

Passive infrastructure details

  • Tower (Type/s – Self Supported/Pole, Tower height, Tower Section heights, etc.)
  • Cabin space (cabin size, type, etc.)
  • Power supply (Capacity & utilization of commercial power supply, rectifier/battery backup, etc.).
  • Air Conditioning system (Types/Capacities)

Passive infrastructure utilization.

  • Tower utilization (Site details,Antenna details (Type,Heights),Technology type/s, etc).
  • Cabin space utilization (equipment type, etc).
  • Power supply utilization (Power allocation to equipment, actual consumption, etc).
  • Outdoor ground utilization (existing cabins, towers, owner/tenant, size, etc).

Transmission link details

  • MW link details (capacity, far end, antenna size/height/azimuth, equipment type, etc)
  • Fibre Transmission system details

Tower layout drawing/s.

  • Line diagram (horizontal plane) of the tower legs/braces/platforms/etc.
  • Bracket positions of each leg & antennas.
  • Horizontal plane layout of the each antenna layer.
  • Details of Height/Azimuth/far end (if it’s a MW link).
  • Vertical cable ladder.

Cabin layout drawing.

  • Internal & external dimensions of the cabin(s) including the equipment cabin & generator room.
  • Positions of bulk head(s) & cabin doors.
  • Internal cable tray layout.
  • Air Conditioning unit positions (indoor & outdoor units).
  • BTS cabinets, racks (Brand/technology type).
  • Rectifier/battery bank(s) positions.
  • Power sockets/surge arrestors/ATS panel & any other equipment positions.

Out-door ground layout drawing.

  • North direction.
  • Fence & entrance layout.
  • Positions of meter cubicles & commercial power line coming in to the site.
  • Tower position (include the tower height/azimuth angles of each leg).
  • Equipment cabins & generator rooms (include the owner/bulk head/door positions).
  • Horizontal cable ladders.
  • Air Conditioning outdoor units.
  • Trees or any other landmarks within the site.
  • If it’s a rooftop site, pole locations (if available) & antenna brackets/antennas with azimuth angle/technology

Site Liability assessment

  • Verification of the ownership of the site
  • Assessment of the leasing conditions (where relevant)
  • Defining site related risks

Asset tagging

  • Tagging of equipment at the node location with a form of a tag as defined by STC
  • The activity to be carried out during a second visit after the data collected is verified.